summer reading recap | may-aug 2022

I wanted to chat about books I read this summer (plus May), but the thing is I was bored writing the post and that usually means y’all are bored reading the post, and that won’t do.

So naturally I was wasting some time on Youtube and I was watching a tier list video and then I was like you know what

Let’s try a tier list (not)video.

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narrative distance: a note on craft

Welcome back!

Perhaps this is addressed to myself — I’ve been away for a while, as my life is undergoing big changes at the moment, and I needed some time to step back and adjust my expectations and ambitions for many things, including this blog.

The most notable change is a shift of focus on MQPM’s content towards writing-centred posts. I want this to be a writing blog, and what I’ve been posting hasn’t reflected that recently.

As such, I make my return with some thoughts around my current favourite finer-point of the writing craft: narrative distance.

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character awards tag

I have been tagged again!

(I didn’t realize it’s the third tag in a row until just now on my final edit)

This time I was tagged by the lovely SJ at When Ice Sings and Stars Fall (which is still one of my most favourite blog names everr by the way) and it looked like so much fun I bumped back a post I’ve been planning for a while so I could get to it.

(I have no regrets)

*insert 21st century fox theme*

march muchness: a wonderland celebration

*carefully balances teacup on head*


Happy March!

You may have already seen this announced around (*coughs at the fact I was also supposed to do that*), but if you have not, let me englighten you: I, along with eleven other bloggers, am co-hosting an Alice in Wonderland-themed blog tag!

This tag was created by the mad Christine Smith*, in celebration of her blogiversary this March. Long-time-and-especially-dedicated readers may remember that my own blogiversary is also in March, so I thought this would be a fun thing to participate in hosting! (Though of course if you’re inclined to answer the tag questions yourself, it needs no occasion!)


There is a blip in this whole plan.

I have not read Alice in Wonderland. Or anything of the sort. And the last time I watched the Disney movie I was six and confused the whole time.

Ah, well. I intuit it wouldn’t be Wonderland without some chaos, and what better way to create chaos than not to know what one is talking about?

down the rabbit hole we go!

Know the Novel linkup // Within the Wip

*flings open double doors and sweeps in grandly*

Did you miss me?

Life has been absolutely INSANE lately, hence my disappearance. I am sorry to say you can probably expect more of this sporadic schedule.

bUT that’s an unrelated issue. I am here today to talk about what is making life so insane:



*internal flailing*

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I’M BACK! and Christine Smith’s Preptober Linkup

Happy October! *tosses confetti everywhere* Nearly-my-favourite month is here at last! Break out the warm drinks and blankets and everything bookish!

It’s also PREPTOBER! *jazz hands* which means INSANITY *cough* NANOWRIMO is almost here. >:3 Muahaha. I am very excited.

sO to kick off Preptober (in the middle of it *cough cough*) I am participating in Christine Smith’s Know the Novel linkup! She’s been doing this for a few years now, and this year I wanted to give it a try :3


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Hiatus Notice

Soooo I know I’ve basically been on hiatus already since the middle of August, but this is me making it official.

I did this last year, except that time I just… disappeared for an entire month. xD It might become a regular thing. I like the extra time, hehe.

Anyway, all this to say: I’m going to be radio silent until late September/early October.

…at which point you will get to hear all about my NaNo project!! Which I’m so excited about!! ^-^

I’m dipping out because *rainbow motion with hands* the school year has started. Which is very exciting. Except I need some time to adjust my schedule and get used to using BrAiN pOwEr (whatever that is) for so many hours a day. xP


Have an awesome September! ^-^ Tell me all about it upon my return. Au reservoir*

JHD Paul

*yes this is incorrect yes i heard it the other day and laughed really hard yes you have to deal with it now