Hiatus Notice

Soooo I know I’ve basically been on hiatus already since the middle of August, but this is me making it official.

I did this last year, except that time I just… disappeared for an entire month. xD It might become a regular thing. I like the extra time, hehe.

Anyway, all this to say: I’m going to be radio silent until late September/early October.

…at which point you will get to hear all about my NaNo project!! Which I’m so excited about!! ^-^

I’m dipping out because *rainbow motion with hands* the school year has started. Which is very exciting. Except I need some time to adjust my schedule and get used to using BrAiN pOwEr (whatever that is) for so many hours a day. xP


Have an awesome September! ^-^ Tell me all about it upon my return. Au reservoir*

JHD Paul

*yes this is incorrect yes i heard it the other day and laughed really hard yes you have to deal with it now