Summer Writing Projects!

Hello friends!

I write this to you while resting one foot on the still chest of the Beast of School which I have slain as of Friday! *throws confetti* Now I can do all the stuff I’ve been wanting to do now that it is summer!

But this is a blog about writing, so I shall spare you the full list of my ambitions and filter out my writing plans (which still have very high bars so there is no lack of ambition here ;D).

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On Control

Hello again, friends!

I’m sure that, like me, we all like to have things under control.

And I’m sure that, recently, a lot of things in our worlds haven’t been under our control.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re not particularly happy with that.

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Pantoum Poems and Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Hello again, friends!

Before you rake me over the coals in both being infrequent and bringing up a topic long gone, let me protest my innocence in that I have been hard at work slaying the Beast of Procrastination and it’s companion, School, and that we should celebrate our mothers every day, not just one. Also poetry. Because poetry.

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One Month Old! And Camp Nano check-in ~ Day 25

Hello again, friends! :D.

Yesterday was our adventure’s one-month birthday! (I know, I’m a terrible blog mom for forgetting XD.) Thirty-one (or thirty-two now, I guess ;D) incredible days of discovering writing and hanging out with all of you amazing people. Thank you all so much. It’s been a great month :).

Anyway! It’s been ages since my last Camp check-in (*coughs* I may or may not have been putting it off cause heh) so let’s get that started! :).

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The Social Distancing Support Tag!

Hello, friends!

This weekend, as Easter rolls around, it will probably look very different for you than it does most years. COVID is certainly putting a damper on the usual plans my family and my church has.

The lovely Ariel over at Within the Static has set up this blog tag to lighten things up, spark conversation, and just generally be helpful. Thank you, Ariel!

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